You know that feeling you get when you really like someone and you hold their hand for the first time? How it just feels so satisfying to know they have the same feelings for you? It feels like a sexual release. It’s such a light, timid hand hold. Like, they can let go easily if they want and you can too but you both try so hard to hold onto each other so lightly. It just feels so innocent and right. Literally one of the best feelings in the world.

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This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a skypunch. When people see these, they think it’s the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds, then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloud cover. 

the earth is so fucking metal i swear

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A baby Australian Eastern Quoll. Unlike most Australian animals, it will just kill you with cuteness

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when they mess up your order but end up giving you extra food for free


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the best part about blogging is that no one actually knows if youre naked or not

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